Tao of Postmodern Living: Live Your Natural Spirituality

Tao of Postmodern Living: Live Your Natural Spirituality

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This book is about self-discovery. The book is comprised of the original published article on Spiritupsychophysicalness by Ligia Dantes, and also nine essays written by her over the course of several years for the French magazine, 3emillénaire (3rd millennium), a prestigious publication dedicated to objective inquiry and self-discovery. These articles can be read in French on their website: www.revue3emillenaire.com

Readers who seek a deeper understanding of life, not only for their own benefit, but also because they wish to contribute something to the world, will find these essays uplifting.


I am thrilled that these essays are finally out in a published collection. They speak to the most urgent need of our time - individual and collective - the need for transformation. Reading them is like having a gentle but relentlessly honest conversation with myself, guided by a master teacher, a conversation that allows layers of stories, defenses, and accreted emotional detritus to fall away. I'm left with a sense of lightness, freedom and joy in the living moment of now.

The design and layout of the book make it very readable, with lovely subtle images that relax the eye and refresh the mind for inquiry. Th Tao of Postmodern Living is more than a guidebook, more than a text of spiritual exploration - it is an infusion of essential nutrients for daily vitality.

Shailja Patel, internationally acclaimed Kenyan poet, playwright, theatre artist, and political activist.


The embodiment of a living awakened bodhisattva, author Ligia Dantes is a world treasure. Modest, humble, profoundly insightful and always of service to humanity, Dantes latest written work is a gently powerful handbook for unfolding. After spending decades herself in neutral self-inquiry, with an unwavering appetite for learning, and developing, coining and teaching "Spiritupsychophysicalness" to thousands ~ Dantes has distilled a lifetime of work into nine beautifully written essays about the benefits, joys and responsibility of self-discovery.

Dantes does not promote any particular belief system but instead provides suggestions for how one might find their highest individual Truth.

I highly recommend this ebook for anyone who is serious about unfolding and awakening in this lifetime. It is priceless.

Earth Angel, Author


This writing goes beyond other books and leads the reader into an area of self-discovery. It is NOT about another set of intellectual beliefs, but rather about a way of living that invites mindfulness, discovery, and presence.

Mari, Marriage and Family Therapist