Your Fantasies May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Your Fantasies May Be Hazardous To Your Health

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Ligia Dantes' book is a bold and challenging look at the overt and subtle fantasies which riddle modern consciousness. The author's steady gaze and astonishing clarity reveal to a startling degree how much our "normal" behavior is fantasy-driven. An important and powerful book, her insights are at once thought-provoking and uplifting.


"Ligia writes with great insight and in a style accessible to all. Her book will function as an eye opener to those who are not yet aware of the enslaving, and sometimes even crippling, power of fantasies. I warmly recommend Your Fantasies May Be Hazardous To Your Health."

Robert Powell
Author of Dialogues on Reality

"This is an important book for serious students of creativity, both inner and outer. Ligia Dantes advises her readers to distinguish between the idle fantasies and visions that lead to creative action. She also shows you how to ask the right questions."
Amit Goswami, Ph.D.
Author of The Self-Aware Universe

The insights of this book are real, based on actual human experiences. Ligia Dantes demonstates the many ways our beliefs, individually and collectively, shape the world around us. She shows us how thoughts, beliefs, delusions, dreams, and, yes, even our fantasies are just as solid as matter and energy. In fact, they are even more powerful, because it is from the force of ideas and mental patterns that our health, relationships, and connections to the universe are shaped.
THIS IS A BOOK FOR EVERYONE! We need to know how our unconscious habits of thinking are dangerous in all aspects of life. Read it and you'll start making conscious choices instead of letting past conditioning sabotage your life.
Paul von Ward
Author of The Solarian Legacy

"An exploration of how the burden of an often illusory sense of the past may affect the potential of the present. Dantes' exposition of the addictive nature of fantasy in all areas of our lives is particularly illuminating."
Sharon Barnes
In Dublin (Ireland)


Excerpts from Your Fantasies May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Introduction to the Exploration of Fantasy

"Imagination and fantasy have become very important tools in our civilization. Using one's imagination is encouraged today, in schools, in the arts, the work place, and even in relationships. In the fields of entertainment and fashion, fantasy is the basic force bringing millions of dollars to these industries.

Projects such as space travel and the building of a space station are based on the imagination of professionals with visions. By the same token, the atom bomb was once a fantasy, an image in the minds of physicists. This fantasy has evolved into the manifestation of atomic weaponry. This kind of imagination is of great danger to the planet and its inhabitants. In later chapters we will inquire more deeply into the relationship of imagination and survival at the personal and global levels. . . .

Perhaps the unhealthy use of fantasy is disguised so well, behind the notion of imagination and creativity, that we cannot see the forest for the trees. It is suggested here, firstly, that it is imperative to question established patterns in our societies that are based on imagination; secondly, that we begin to discern what is helpful and what is injurious in what we call imagination and creativity.

Imagination is a powerful human quality and a most useful tool when applied with wisdom. However, when it is an unconscious, or conscious but unaware process of fantasy, it is greatly destructive, keeping humanity in vicious circles of illusions.'


Daydreaming and Its Consequences

"Norman was a teacher at college. He was forty-two years old, married with two children. He enjoyed teaching. He was interested in Eastern philosophy and self-understanding. His relationship with his family was good, and in general he was well adjusted and content. But he regretted not having enough money to get a sailboat. In his youth he had loved sailing, and had spent much of his free time at the library learning about boats, sailing, the weather, and everything relating to nautical living. He read hundreds of magazines over the years, and had pictures of the greatest sailing boats in the world's history. He delighted in going sailing and talking to friends who had sailboats docked at the marinas. Now, however, he had very little time for all this, and each day he regretted more and more not being able to have a sailboat. He kept looking at magazines and day-dreaming of having a boat someday.

Norman was also very interested in knowing himself. He had taken courses on meditation, self improvement and workshops on "How to make your dreams a reality." These workshops had been a disappointment to him because at forty-two he still did not have his coveted sailboat. Nothing had helped him to achieve his dream. However, he continued to observe himself to the best of his ability and persevered in his quest for truth-meditating, reading books on psychology, religion and Eastern philosophy.

One day Norman found a picture of the dream of his life, the perfect sailboat in a magazine. It was there right in front of him. It was beautiful, with all the best features he could have ever imagined. He was so excited about it that he began to daydream of being in the middle of the ocean on this magnificent sailing ship. He began to vividly experience the wind in his face, the exhilaration of the sound of the bow cutting through the waters, the rush of shifting the position of the jib; and turning to his imaginary sailing partner he said, almost shouting aloud, 'Coming about!' . . . and suddenly he saw himself clearly. There was no boat, no sails, no water, no wind. All there wass in front of him was a picture of a specific kind of boat.

He was aware of the moment of now, just as it is!

He experienced himself totally as a human being, deriving great enjoyment from looking at a picture of a sailboat in a magazine! There are no judgments or evaluations. 'I do not want a sailboat; I want to read and fantasize about it!' Norman realized.

It is all so clear! He is living the truth of the moment."