The Unmanifest Self

The Unmanifest Self

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  • An intelligent, down-to-earth investigation of the process of self-transformation.
  • Written in the style of a probing dialogue with the reader.
  • Clear enough for beginners on the spiritual path, yet offers profound insights for seasoned travelers.
  • Ideal for readers seeking an objective, non-denominational approach to spirituality.


"Ligia's perceptions, while unique, have some relationship to what has been said by English physicist, David Bohm. Their ideas complement one another in exciting ways."
Michael Toms
Founding Host of New Dimensions Radio

"It is obvious that your long and dedicated experience in teaching has taught you how to help others without getting in their way: a true 'Catalyst'."
Brother David Steindl-Rast
Author of The Grateful Heart

"One thing is clear in my mind, The Unmanifest Self is the Western version of the Tao Teh Ching."
Hoang van Duc, MD
University of Southern California

"During my life I have only met three people whose presence, I felt, spoke to me from the same depth of spiritual experience: Thich Nhat Hanh, the Dalai Lama, and Ligia Dantes."
Elaine Swain
Author of Shadows of Thought

"Some very important thoughts here, rarely heard in the New Age Movement . . ."
The Book Reader

"It is an intelligent book which contains an exceptionally lucid treatment of spiritual exercises, 'altered states,' and the power and pitfalls of beliefs. Essential for anyone who wishes rapidly to comprehend the interrelations amongst spiritual pursuits, cultural patterns, and individual identity."
Francis Jeffery
Author of John Lilly, So Far

"A probing investigation of the nature of self. Dantes' free-flowing, conversational commentary is punctuated by searching questions about the nature of our experience, questions that have no right or wrong ansers, but are designed to provoke insight and free us from our conditioning."
Yoga Journal

"Congratulations to Ms. Dantes for a highly intelligent, yet deeply sensitive presentation."
Brian Fearon

"This could make an ideal 'handbook' for gentle, group self-search sessions."
New Age Retailer 


Excerpts from Unmanifest Self

Love Beyond Emotions

"What is being investigated by the social sciences is an emotion, not a state of being.
As long as our relationships are dependent on our emotional state, we cannot enjoy peace among others or within ourselves.
Emotions swing between extremes and are too varied in intensity for the entire human organism to live a harmonious life. A change in this way of functioning is desperately needed if peace is to prevail in the world.
Love is true neutrality; it does not judge or evaluate.
It does not feel good or bad; since it is not mere thought, it does not change into an opposite.
It does not like or dislike.
It does not blame, so it does not need to forgive.
It does not have choices or preferences, opinions or positions.
It does not dictate, is not authoritative.
Love does not differentiate between life and death. It has no expectations other than what is.
Love is not an ideal to venerate; it cannot be known through knowledge or thought.
Love is not words, but the energy of life itself without opposites, without death.
Love is a way of being, experienced by humans and visible only in our actions.
Life and love are synonymous. They are the eternal ac-tivity of universal energy without boundaries, movement, or form. Love, being all-encompassing, is the context of all contents of the universe, and thus is infinite. And what is infinite cannot be known within the finite mind. Only in a state of being that is beyond the finite human mind-form can love be the manifest.
Thus love is manifest-unmanifest, form and emptiness. Our minds can express it only in paradox.
Love is all life is and, as such, can only be lived."

Individuals: Holograms of Humanity

"If we could see an individual and all the peoples of the world simultaneously, the hologrammatic quality of humanity would be clearly apparent. A hologram is a three-dimensional photographic image obtained with laser beams; one small segment contains the whole picture. The most peculiar quality of a hologram is that when only a tiny part of it is broken off and projected, it shows an image of the entire object. Analogously, each person is the reflection of humanity and vice versa. All individuals are intricate parts of humankind. Each individual is a whole rather than a fragment of humanity.

If we look closely, we will be able to see this hologrammatic quality of our personal life in our civilization. Observing objectively, we can see that each one of us is the world; each one of us is the whole of humanity. In other words, we—yes, you and I—are the source of our civilization, and we are therefore directly responsible for the quality of our way of living."